Atigula Aziz, born in 1979 in an Uzbek family in Afghanistan, has been living in Munich since 1993, where he completed his painting studies with Axel Kasseböhmer at the Academy of Fine Arts and graduated as a master student.

The core of his painting is the representational representation. Against the background of his own biography, he blurs the real and the surreal, confronting the observed or the remembered with the imagined. In his work he deals thematically with the experience of isolation and isolation as well as the alienation of man from his natural environment. But he is also concerned with the sensitive perception of what surrounds him, and with curiosity about perceiving what he perceives from different perspectives and questioning viewing habits. Last but not least, the experience of being confronted with a completely different culture as a child plays an important role.

In addition, his work focuses on painting itself. The painting process, as well as the confrontation with form and color that he brings with him each time anew, is his real motivation. So he deals with the working methods of the old masters, because these open up the necessary space for a real engagement with painting. The successful implementation of an idea with these means is its driving force, even if it requires time and a certain persistence in the work process.


2000 to 2007 study of

Painting and graphics at the Academy of

Fine Arts Munich with Prof. Axel Kasseböhmer

2005 Master student of Prof. Axel Kasseböhmer

2007 diploma

Atigula Aziz lives and works in Augsburg.